E3 2017 is here, and Sony’s conference is kicking off tonight at 6PM PST (local time here) where VR announcements are sure to await. Enjoy our predictions and watch the livestream here linked below.

We’ve long suspected Star Wars: Battlefront II.,a game that took the spotlight at EA Play yesterday,would officially support PSVR in some capacity. Last month we reported on tweets byAlex Mole, CTO of EA’s Criterion, the studio which developed the well regardedStar Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission for PSVR which was released as a piece of DLC for the original game. The tweets seemed to suggest—but didn’t confirm—that Criterion is building additional PSVR content to accompanyBattlefront II.

At a special pre-GDC 2016 event, Sonyannounced PSVR’s official launch date and showcasedmany games at a hands-on sessions after the event. That’s the last wesaw ofHighwire Games’ Golem,a first-person action adventure game that puts you in control of a stone creature called … well … a golem. Highwire Games is a new development studio formed from ex-Bungie staffers, including Halo composer MartyO’Donnell, and we suspect some news will come out about the game that’s since gone MIA.

E3 2016 saw the unveiling of PlayStation Aim, a PSVR-compatible gun peripheral. While breakout success Farpoint (2017)makes use of the gun, Sony maintains more first-party games using the controller are sure to follow.