Korix a visually-minimalist VR RTS headed to PlayStation VR claiming tobe the first title to run natively at 120Hz on the headset.

Update (3/21/17, 11:05AM PT): The official PlayStation Blog confirms Korix will be released on March 28th with and include single-player campaign, skirmish, and online multiplayer (two to four players in co-op or versus) modes. The price of the game is still unannounced. Original article continues below.

While the PSVRdisplay supports a 120Hz refresh rate, most games on the platform run at 60Hz and use a technique called asynchronous reprojection to inject interpolated frames to bring the output up to the 120Hz rate. The headset can also run with a native 90Hz refresh rate (matching the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive).

Accordingto developer Mark Taylor, Korix will be the first game on PSVR to run natively at 120Hz, on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. The game, which is soon to get an official release date, is a “retro styled real-time strategy [game] crossed with tower defence elements,” which also has support for the PlayStation Move controllers (though they won’t be required).

Hitting such a high framerate, especially on the PS4’s 2013-era hardware, takes careful optimization. No doubt, the sharp, minimalist visuals of Korix have helped in that regard.

90Hz is good, but researchers say that framerates as high as 240Hz could improve the immersion of VR. I’ve previewed an earlier tech demo running on PSVR at 120Hz and was very impressed with the feeling of realism.

And while the game is designed to run natively at 120Hz, Taylor says the reprojection will kick in if needed during complex scenes, though ostensibly it will happen less on the more powerful PS4 Pro than the olderPS4.

According to a technical preview video by NX Gamer, Korixwill also employ supersampling and 4x MSAA on both systems:

While Korix was announced way back in August 2016, ahead of the October launch of the PSVR, the gamewill launch on March 28th though the price is unknown.