Sony’s E3 press conference saw a rush of reveals coming to the company’s PlayStation 4 headset PSVR, including a full release of Skyrim VRcoming in November and alist of VR exclusivessoon to follow.Among them is the stylized and the ever so coolSuperhot VR (2016) finally coming to PSVR.

While currently only available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive since its initial release back in December, Superhot VRis officially coming to PlayStation VR this summer.

Reviewing on Oculus Rift with Touch, we rated Superhot VRa solid 9.1/10. It’s a seriously fun title that gives you abullet-time mechanic that translates phenomenally well to VR. Like a living puzzle, each bullet/punch/explosion is an opportunity tofeel like the action hero-badass you always wished you were. While there isn’t much of a story to follow, it’s certainly an unabashedly uniqueand heart-pumping game currently out for VR headsets. Despite only clocking in at a little over 2 hours of gameplay, it’s one of those games you’ll pick up again and again, if only to show your friends just how cool you can feel while grabbing a pistol out of a bad guy’s hand, shattering another guy with a punch and shooting down a row of the offending crystalline red guys from across the room.

After playing the Oculus version of Superhot VR,Road to VRExecutive Editor Ben Lang had this to say:

Every movement matters. Every pull of the trigger counts. My body is anchored inside the virtual world because I have to dodge punches, knives, and bullets—it’s interacting withmein a significant way. Enemies aim well, and you have to dodge better to stay alive.Like Neo stopping the bullets for the first time at the end ofThe Matrix, I wanted to be able to hold up my hand and say “No,” to what I knew in an instant was the end of the game that had come a bit too soon.But, despite my training, I was not The One.

We haven’t seen pre-order up for the PSVR version ofSuperhot VR yet, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled and update as more info comes in.