Robo Recall has been given a locomotion mod for those looking for a less-restrictive movement system. Epic Games’ new VR shooter employs a teleport mechanic for movement, but has full mod support, allowing for additional experimental control systems.


Robo Recall, an Oculus Touch-exclusive action shooter, has only been available for three days and already the community has been treated to a mod that allows free-form locomotion. Like the majority of FPS titles built for VR, Epic Games designed Robo Recall’s gameplay around a teleportation mechanic, as traditional locomotion (with analog sticks) is a well-documented contributor to VR sickness. However, each time a game launches with a teleport system, a passionate crowd of gamers who aren’t adversely affected by artificial locomotion in VR complain about the missed opportunity.

User tonsta31, developer at MGSStudios, has been posting updates to his experimental locomotion mod on the Oculus community forums, which allows more traditional movement with the left analog stick on the Touch controller (in addition to teleporting). Unfortunately, Epic aren’t currently allowing mods to function in the story mode (due to the global leaderboards), so your locomotion antics will be limited to the mission mode.

The latest version 3 of the mod adds a locomotion tweak, jump, 45 degree snap turning, adjusted slo-mo, and fixed damage. The game appears to play well with the free movement already, although it does mess with some of the AI routines. Tonsta31 is working quickly however, and hopes to improve enemy response in a future update, as well has adding ‘new guns, a new level, a double jump and other bits’. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the forum thread.

Epic’s mod support has also benefited those affected by the current rotation issues in roomscale setups. The 360 teleportation mod from developer Huge Robot solves the problem, and Epic has stated that an official resolution will be out by the end of the month.