This Wednesday, you can fill up your brain with knowledge in a unique opportunity to meet Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ in the digital flesh, and thenmelt your brain immediately afterwards at a VR concert, where crowds can interact with mind-expanding 3D objects while experiencing music from digital musician GRIMECRAFT like never before.

Where: AltspaceVR

When: July 12 @ 2:30pm PT (your timezone)

How:Login or create an AltspaceVR account, thenRSVP here. AltspaceVR supports cross-play between Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Gear VR and traditional monitors.

What: This is your chance to meet Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’, TV personality and engineer,in AltspaceVR. Get a chance to win a signed copy of Bill Nye’s book, Everything All at Onceby RSVP’ing and attending the show.


When:July 12 @ 7:00pm PT (your timezone)

How: Download TheWaveVR on Steam (US-residents only)

What:With his gaming-inspired tunes, digital musician GRIMECRAFT will present new songs at a crowd-interactive, audio-visual show that’s aiming to push the boundaries of the concert format using the medium of VR. The platform’screators have built “powerful tools to create this content and represent artists’ music and aesthetic in new ways through these shows,” CEO Adam Arrigo told us.

This will be TheWaveVR’s second show after putting on NFOLD, an audio-visual spectacle only possible in VR which featured LA-based digital artistStrangeloopin association with the labelBRAINFEEDER. (check out the video below)

“In the coming weeks, you’ll see us releasing content that is incredibly varied and specific to that artist. We want each show to feel like a portal into that artist’s world- to have unique visuals and interactions that couldn’t be possible outside VR,” Arrigo told us.

image courtesy AltspaceVR