It seems the Ghostbustersfranchise isn’t done capitalizing on the video game marketjust yet, becausethe first installment of a newGhostbustersexperienceis heading toPlayStationVR today. The experience (read: not game) wasdeveloped byCreateVRand Sony’s in-house VR production studio, and is entitledGhostbusters VR – Now Hiring, Act 1: Firehouse.

In the experience you meet Mooglie, the iconicghost from the franchise’s logo, who takes you on a tour of the Ghostbusters’ firehouse where you get to meet the mean, green and highly insatiableSlimer. Sony saysyou also get to paw around the Ecto-1, assemble and fire a proton pack, check out the basement where the Ghost Containment Unit lies, and according to the trailer, get to trap a big ugly ghostie. Of course, all models and scene work were patterned after the 2016 franchise reboot.

Ghostbusters VR – Now Hiring, Act 1: Firehouse will be available for download from the PlayStation Store for $6.99 starting today. PS4 system, PS VR headset, and PS Move controllers are required for use.

Project developers CreateVR are well-known for their work on The Walk demo, a VR version of the Robert Zemeckis’ 2015 film featuring a death-defying saunter acrossa tightrope strung between the World Trade Center buildings circa 1974. CreateVR have also recently developed a VR experience forOuija 2: Origin of Evil(2016) for Universal Pictures International.

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality develops narrative VR content including Ghostbusters: Dimension, amixed-reality experience currently hosted at out-of-home VR park The VOID. Sony’s in-house production studio most recently published Passengers:
Awakening, a VR adventure inside the Starship Avalon, drawing on the Academy Award-nominated production design of the 2016 film.